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Saturday, January 31st

  Todays specials include Flat Iron Steak & Coconut Shrimp and Steamed
. Breakfast will be served from 9 AM until noon.For a complete
 list  of specials click on the 'Menu' link above.

 Sports today:
  NHL: Kings vs Bruins; All games available
NCAA Hoops: Arkansas vs Florida; N Carolina vs Louisville; Duke vs
     Virginia; Utah St vs SDSU
  NBA: Clippers vs Spurs
  EPL: Man City vs Chelsea

  Karaoke with Wally tonight at 9 PM.

 Super Bowl Tickets: $30...Pick your seat...Inlcudes Open Faced Rib
  Eye Sandwich...$10 in Scoreboard Bucks...Party Favors...Raffle...Great

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January 28th & 30th...Karaoke with
Rick at 9 PM.

31st...Karaoke with Wally
at 9 PM.
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