Welcome to The Scoreboard
Sunday, January 20th
951 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach, Ca. 91932  

January 21st...Music Bingo at 7:15
PM...Free to play...Great prizes!

January 22nd...Trivia Night with
Live Prize Trivia at 7 PM...$25 in
Scoreboard Bucks for 1st place!

January 23rd...Bingo Night at 6:45
PM...Free to play...Great
prizes...Grand prize: 2 Gulls tickets!

Coming Events

 Specials for today include Open Faced Rib Eye Sandwich and Steamed
 Snow Crab. Breakfast will be served from 9 AM until noon. For a complete
 list of specials click on the 'Menu' link above.

 Sports today:
 NFL: Rams vs Saints; Patriots vs Chiefs
 NHL: Ducks vs Islanders; All games available
 Sunday Night Burger Madness! 1/2 lb Cheeseburger w/fries only $6 from
    5 PM until 8:45 PM!